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The Schedule

Postby Little Slide Rooter » Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:57 am

At this point, there are 7 teams alive in the NL. The Cardinals essentially clinched in May, so to hell with them. The Nats and Dodgers lead their respective divisions by narrow margins. At this point, the WC race is down to the Cubs, Pirates, Giants, and Mets, though the Giants and Dodgers could easily switch places in the next few days.

I was just taking a look at the schedules, and first off, we have back to back series vs. the Pirates (3) and Giants (4) 8/3-8/9. Needless to say, this is a crucial week.

After that, we have another 3 games vs. The Giants later in the month, followed by the Dodgers. And then we play the Pirates 6 times in September.

Meanwhile, in August, the Pirates have 4 vs. the Giants and 3 each vs. The Mets and Dodgers, and another 3 vs. the Dodgers in September. And the Giants and Dodgers meet 7 more times.

Buckle up, we might just have a playoff race on our hands.

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