Today's wish list...

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Re: Today's wish list...

Postby Post Count Padder » Mon Jan 11, 2016 8:06 pm ... rito-more/

Cubs and Rays have still been talking trades. Would still love to see us add McGee and one of their starters.
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Re: Today's wish list...

Postby toonsterwu » Tue Jan 12, 2016 3:13 am

I'm sort of okay going into the season with the pen as is, as I think the cost of the remaining options are likely to be too costly at this point. If something falls down price wise, sure.

In terms of "wishes", this has been as good an offseason as possible, not only for the upgrades, but because we haven't given up much from the system. This gives us a lot of flexibility in the next 2-3 seasons. That said, I can't help but still be a tad curious about the idea of Lucroy. There's a level of risk for Stearns to go into the year with Lucroy, and I still wonder, if the right deal came along, if he'd pull the trigger. The one thing their vastly improved system does need is a young catcher, so on the surface, without knowing how they felt about Contreras, there still seems to be the potential for a match. Of course, the idea of giving up Contreras for Lucroy is risky for us to some extent, so that'd be a tough deal to accomplish.

If that imaginary deal happened, I'd then try to move Montero's contract, with Washington a possible target (they've been rumored to be in on catchers, have some money, and Rizzo was SD in Arizona when they signed Montero). I'd try to simply get an upper level catcher back and hope another club ate the money left (Washington also fits in that regard with Spencer Kieboom and Pedro Severino). That gives us some payroll flexibility (which could be expanded a bit more), and I'd just play the waiting game and see if a FA's price falls (cost or years) that allows us to jump in. If a SP's price falls, then we jump in on a short term deal (giving up another pick now wouldn't matter much), and we see if we can move Hammel in a trade to add some assets (or they could even ponder moving Hendricks in some bigger deal, if a team wanted to give an arm and a leg). If no FA falls into our price/years range, and the org wants to hold that space for mid-season deals, okay.

All in all, sort of just waiting for the games to start. Ideally, we'd fill our pen questions internally.

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Re: Today's wish list...

Postby TomtheBombadil » Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:20 am

Catching is definitely a position I expect some movement at this year, though likely not until after the season when trading Montero makes more sense. The Padres potentially have three - including two with options in Bethancourt (IIRC) and Hedges, the Mets have Plawecki pushing the awesome but oft-injured d'Arnaud, maybe Zunino and the Mariners break up, and catchers are arguably the strongest position group in FA next year with multiple quality or better starters (Cervelli, Weiters, Castro) and backups (Hanigan, Stewart, Mathis) available. Lucroy or Cervelli would be my favorite options just because it is fun to rip a high quality player from a division opponent.

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