Cape Cod League

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Cubs Fan Dan
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Cape Cod League

Postby Cubs Fan Dan » Thu Jul 23, 2015 6:57 am

I will be staying in Cape Cod the way weekend of August. Championship playoffs will be in full effect, any players I should try to get my eyes on?

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Re: Cape Cod League

Postby TomtheBombadil » Thu Jul 23, 2015 11:36 am

Some names:

Cavan Biggio - No clue what he's up to, but easily the most recognizable name on the Cape.
Garrett Williams LHP - These first two probably have a shot at the first, Williams is supposed to have a good arm.
Zach Burdi RHP
Ryan Boldt OF - These last two have interesting tools and backgrounds as prospects. Zach is the brother of Nick Burdi, and Boldt is the tools monster who blew out his knee as a HS senior and missed going as high as he might have.
Devin Smeltzer LHP - Cancer survivor at age 9, now a 6'3" arms and legs lefty from the same school as Chris Sale.
Kyle Lewis OF
John Kilichowski LHP
Jeremy Martinez C - The last two are former Cubs picks. Kilichowski is a big LHP from Vanderbilt, so I will remain interested. Has an interesting C prospect for a teammate, but can't remember the name.
Ben Bowden LHP - Second Vanderbilt arm here, there's one more in Jordan Sheffield RHP.
Eric Lauer LHP
Kyle Serrano RHP
Nick Deeg LHP- 6'7" so I figure why not, but he's 2017
Daniel Hudson RHP
Alex Shick RHP - Interesting
Bryce Montes de Oca RHP - Giant, IIRC underwent TJ surgery in HS
Kyle Driscoll RHP
Bryan Baker RHP - Seems like a Ryan Williams type.

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