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Re: Jon Lester

Postby Splendid Splinter » Thu Jan 13, 2022 4:29 pm

He doesn't have enough IMO to be in the HOF. The 3 WS rings and the postseason #s are great, but that's about it for him. You could say 200 wins in this era is a plus. No CYA although got 2nd once. Only led league in wins, win %, hits allowed, and k/9. He did each of those just once.

Had he been a rookie in 04 instead of 06 and was on the Red Sox team that broke the drought as well as the Cubs, then there might be something for him to get in.

I see other pitchers more deserving IMO than Lester: Clemens, Pettitte, Sabathia, Verlander, Grienke, Schilling, Scherzer, Kershaw

If you let Lester in, then what about these guys??? Colon, Dennis Martinez, Wells, Tim Hudson, Buehrle, Hershiser, Cone, Gooden, Wainwright, Hamels, Oswalt, David Price, Felix Hernandez, Johan Santana. I know most of you will say was some of them aren't in the same era so they couldn't be compared to Lester, but if you let him in, then you bring guys who were Lester's caliber in their eras that could be brought up by Vets committee which is why I mentioned those names. Maybe the older guys can't be brought up anymore as I don't know the rules with the Vets committee voting. Also, I'm not saying these guys should get in or they're better than Lester for the HOF. Just wanted to throw out a list of pitchers who you could argue that they should be in the conversation for HOF if you're thinking of putting Lester in.

This isn't counting guys like Bumgarner, Cole, Sale, Strasburg, Darvish, DeGrom, etc. who aren't done with their career who will probably be in one of those 2 groups above.
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