"horsefeathers looks like The Thing" - The Kyle Schwarber Thread

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Re: "horsefeathers looks like The Thing" - The Kyle Schwarber Thread

Postby Bull » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:02 am

PackLandVA wrote:Saw this article earlier today about Schwarber's defense. Also makes reference to Harper's defense this year, or lack of.

Link to Cubs.com Article

Quickly, what do those numbers say? Well, Baseball Reference ranks Schwarber five runs above average. John Dewan, who has been studying defense forever, has him plus-one on his plus-minus scale (which estimates how many plays above or below the average player are made). Fangraphs has Schwarber five runs above average. The Statcast™ folks have him slightly below average but show him holding his own.

So I don't really kow what to make of his defense.


He is a lump who catches more balls because the cubs have three left handed starting pitchers and thus face more right handed batters, and because Almora is also a lump.

Also everyone is running on his not awful arm giving him lots of opportunities.

ETA: I’m mostly joking. Mostly.
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Re: "horsefeathers looks like The Thing" - The Kyle Schwarber Thread

Postby mul21 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:23 pm

He’s a decent athlete who’s getting better at the position but still occasionally misjudges a ball and has an above average arm that is pretty accurate. He’s fine out there just like most people who knew he was still learning to be an OF thought he would be.
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