Relief pitchers in the Hall of Fame?

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Re: Relief pitchers in the Hall of Fame?

Postby champaignchris » Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:54 pm

Sammy Sofa wrote:Yeah, Rivera's, like, one of a tiny handful of pitchers who make the exception. Otherwise horsefeathers relievers.

Not to reignite the WAR discussion, but Rivera has a higher career WAR (per B-R) than Red Ruffing, Three Fingers Brown, Whitey Ford, Schoolboy Hoyt, Sandy Koufax, Al Spalding and Early Wynn, all of whom are in the HoF as starting pitchers. Rivera arguably deserves to be in the Hall because he was just that good period.

And that's even before getting into his completely absurd post-season record.

I'm fine with relievers getting into the Hall if Rivera is your standard.
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Re: Relief pitchers in the Hall of Fame?

Postby sneakypower » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:20 pm

NonProfitCow wrote:We should only let SS, CF, C and SP into the HOF. Every other position is just a failure of those.

his is a better argument than you're letting on; being a kickass reliever is commonly the fallback for guys who can't be worthwhile starters, but placement on the defensive spectrum is of relatively small import to your overall value generally speaking

just as a crude example-
-Bryce Harper staying behind the plate, still probable HOF trajectory
-Wade Davis, Andrew Miller sticking as starters: Matt Moore quality career path?
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