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Re: Minor League Discussion & Boxes, 4-16-18

Postby toonsterwu » Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:53 am

I get where davell is coming with that idea. If you can get Bryce, tying Ademan in with Heyward to clear up space and increase flexibility is ... a thought. That contract is going to be ridiculously hard to move. Not impossible, but assuming Heyward doesn't go nuts and opt out, that's what ... 5/100+ left (too lazy to look up right now). That's a bundle.

That said ... if Ademan shows well and is a borderline top 50 prospect (I've got a tough time seeing him be legitimately top 50, maybe in that 40-80 range, even then, I wonder if he may be more back end top 100, but that's a lot of guessing on how this season goes), I just don't see the Cubs moving him as a part of a salary dump. We're running into two issues here - the difficulty of moving bad contracts and the immensely high value of prospects, particularly top prospects, in this era. I tend to think the latter trumps the former, when discussing a top prospect.

At the end of the day, if the Cubs can find a Heyward move without eating a ton (and I have my doubts) ... I think it'll be some sort of bad contract swap coupled with some lottery tickets/decent prospects (going which way would depend on the contracts involved). Even then, it's hard to see a great fit - the best contractual fits would be something like David Price or Chris Davis, and it's hard to see how the former works out, while the latter is one I don't want.
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