2020 Draft Thread

Discussion about the June amateur draft, college baseball, high school baseball, etc.
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2020 Draft Thread

Postby CaliforniaRaisin » Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:28 pm

There was already some discussion in the 2019 draft thread so let's get a 2020 thread up.

Here is Fangraphs' board: https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the ... &pagenum=0

College pitchers look good - Georgia RHPs Emerson Hancock and Cole Wilcox (draft eligible soph), Auburn RHP Tanner Burns and Ole Miss RHP JT Ginn (draft eligible soph). Also, Spencer Torkelson is really good.
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Re: 2020 Draft Thread

Postby Regular Show » Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:19 pm

I'll move this here:

Next year's draft class is loaded with talent (and lots of elite college pitchers). Some are comparing it to the impressive 2011 draft class (Javy, Lindor, Betts, Rendon, Springer, G. Cole, Snell, etc.) but I think it's unlikely that it reaches that level in the spring. It's going to be really hard to match that draft in pure talent.
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Re: 2020 Draft Thread

Postby TomtheBombadil » Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:18 pm

https://www.mlb.com/news/prospect-devel ... yer-recaps

The standout so far has been 6'5" RHP Mick Abel:

Abel recorded his six whiffs with three different pitches. Three came via a fastball that sat at 93-95 mph with good downhill plane, two on an 82-86 mph slider and one on an 86-88 mph changeup with nifty fade. He threw changeups for all three strikes in his first-inning strikeout of West Allegheny High (Imperial, Pa.) right fielder Austin Hendrick, whom he remembered retiring on a changeup in a matchup last summer.

Though the stands at IMG Academy were packed with scouts, Abel said he didn't feel any anxiety to perform.

"You get kind of used to it at all these big events, these national-type events," said Abel, an Oregon State recruit. "To me, baseball is a fun game and I really think there should be no pressure involved with it. I'm just trying to go do my thing and have fun."

Gatorade's Oregon state baseball player of the year for 2019, Abel still has plenty of projection remaining in his 6-foot-5, 190-pound frame. His velocity keeps climbing and his changeup continues to improve. He wants to keep getting better and believes the PDP League will help him toward that goal.


The CCBL opened on Monday....

Prospect Live did previews for each roster:


BA did too but it's behind their paywall and it's just a list with their season stats anyway, way too lazy to deal with that.

PG looked back at Week 1:

https://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/Vi ... icle=16966

Dusty's son is in the league for a second time


Some players from this draft I highlighted (not necessarily first round talents though most are):

RHP Nick Frasso from Loyola Marymount U
LHP Hugh Fisher from Vanderbilt

Both are lockdown relievers with SP tools, Fisher’s got some very loud tools for a college LH including a hard fastball and this slider:

Frasso is headed to the CCL this summer barring something. He’ll be on a Orleans Firebirds pitching staff that may include JT Ginn, Kumar Rocker, and Mike Vasil. CR probably saw him give UCLA some trouble earlier this month. He threw somethin like 35 straight fastballs to shut them down. Coaches gas up his athleticism by saying he's a basketball player who happens to play baseball:

Joey Boyle, a Notre Dame RHP was a projection arm I liked from the 2017 HS group. He hasn't been anywhere near as impactful as Frasso/Fisher, but he did blow up physically and offers a ton of arm strength. He will be in the CCL as well:

C Austin Wells from Arizona U - Draft eligible sophomore LHH went .350/.462/.529 with a 15% K rate as a freshman, headed to the CCL (he had a strong first week there)

Alika Williams SS ASU - 6'2" MIF is making his second trip to the CCBL, hit .328/.427/.474 with an 11% K rate during the 2019 regular season, badass sounding name

HS SS Drew Bowser from Harvard Westlake - 6’3” RHH with a Stanford commit from that HS just sounds like a tough sign. There’s also a HS SS last name Ketchup from Georgia


College pitching seems loaded. I don't remember ever seeing so much projection left in a college group. It feels like we're really seeing the impact of the CBA forcing/pushing a ton of high end HS talent into the clutches of the NCAA. 2018's freshman class was a banner year and at least two of those guys are among the biggest talents in this draft with Ginn and Wilcox. Led by Fisher and Frasso, seems like we'll see more college relievers with real SP potential (not just MiL starter for the purpose of getting innings). I had some names for that group but forgot them, they'll come up again anyway.

There's more college hitters than I highlighted, it's just [expletive] June
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