Fantasy Football Draft/Keeper Advice

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Fantasy Football Draft/Keeper Advice

Postby UMFan83 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:54 pm

So in our annual league last year my team got killed by injury and I decided to sell off members of my team for draft picks. I ended up with the 3rd overall pick and then the top 2 teams in my league’s second round picks so pretty much additional 1sts.

So I will have


Anyways for keepers I shadily picked up Delvin Cook right before my roster locked for the season so I could consider keeping him assuming his injury recovery went well. Looks like it has. So I’m thinking of keeping him (lose a 5th round pick) and either Alex Collins or Kenyan Drake (either would lose a 7th round pick). Due to other trades where I lose my 6th and 8th rounders, I am risking not drafting between the 5th and 8th rounds, a critical time in the draft to get underrated guys and sleepers.

So I guess my question is, is it worth keeping Collins or Drake (do either have 7th round value?) or should I only keep 1 guy (Cook)?

Either way I’m excited about how my team is set up already with 4 of the first 22 picks and Cook and potentially a decent RB2 on my roster.
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Re: Fantasy Football Draft/Keeper Advice

Postby rawaction » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:54 pm

I'd keep one of those RBs. The whole "bird in the hand". IDK if your league is PPR, but Collins ADP is 3.10. Drake 4.04, so both have value in the 7th. Non-PPR, Collins up a little, Drake goes to 4.03 so no real change.

I really like Collins, and he doesn't have much blocking him from high volume in the Ravens backfield. Drake has Gore who will likely get a lot of 1st down and goal line work. So, I'd lean Collins, but Drake in PPR is really intriguing.

Either way, no picks between 5th and 8th rounds isn't a huge deal as you'll have 2 players and 6 picks (5 top 27) before that point. I assume that should be enough to fill most (if not all) of your starting lineup.
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