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Re: Minor League Musings place holder.

Postby TomtheBombadil » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:33 pm

So in a season where Amaya is the only guy to really set a badass track to the majors, this Richard Gallardo signing has really caught my interest. He became the highest ranked amateur pitcher this FO has signed and the highest ranked amateur they’ve brought in since Happ in 2015. I wonder where scouts inside and outside the org think he can be in 4 years at 20? Hopefully an athletic 6’3” 240 with control and command of mid-upper 90’s and a wipeout secondary. At 16 he is already listed at 6'1" 187 with some long arms and legs. The clips BA put up suggest a power pitcher's approach with lots of four seams up, often inside, in tandem with a curveball I'm hoping stays a curveball with more velocity and power. He seems both aggressive, intuitive, and confident on the mound.

Piling up all those teenagers is slowly but going to slowly start to paying off for the farm over the next couple years. Ademan may have stunk it up this year but Amaya stepped right up, Gallardo is a potential very big add, Jose Gutierrez snuck into full season ball and has an XBH in 10% of his PAs, Marquez gained velocity, Velazquez's RH power is loud, Roederer has come in strong, Davis has shown more bat to ball skills than maybe expected of a tall two sport guy...I believe this wave of talent forming behind the current bunch of players in AA and AAA will be the most exciting wave of talent since the 2015 farm plus the org players out of the bunch will be of a little higher quality than today's. No one's a serious threat to arrive to the majors before say 2021-2022, but that works just fine given where the ML club is.
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