Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Trading Samardzija and/or Hammel, Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2, I looked a the deadline trade deals over the past two years of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.  In this article, let's rank those trades and one winter deal by applicability to each of Samardizja and Hammel's situation to see what the past tells us to expect.

First, Shark:

Samardzija has ace stuff and ace results this year, but a mixed bag of results throughout his career.  He's a bit old for being in this position at 29.5 years old by the time the deadline comes around.  Critically in the Cubs favor is that he still has another year of control remaining.  In other words, the Cubs don't have to trade him at this point.

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Trading Samardzija and/or Hammel, Part 2

Continuing on from the previous article, this one will look at the deadline deals for starting pitching in 2012.

2012 Trade Deadline Deals

Trade 1 (July 31)

  • Cubs send:
    • Ryan Dempster
  • Rangers send:
    • Christian Villanueva
    • Kyle Hendricks
  • At the time, this deal seemed a bit underwhelming.  Villlanueva was on the fringe of being a top 100 guy and Hendricks was a soft tossing pitcher down in A+ ball with good results.  However, Hendricks has shown the potential to be a good back of the rotation pitcher and Villanueva has a good chance of contributing in at least a backup role in the majors.  Not a great return, but not a bad one in the end.  It was a decent deal given the special considerations of the position in which Dempster put the Cubs. Add a comment


Trading Samardzija and/or Hammel, Part 1

To begin taking a look at what the Cubs could get in return for trading one of their pitchers this summer, I thought it would be good to look at the deadline trades over the past two years while the current Collective Bargaining Agreement has been in place.  I grabbed this list from the archives at the ever-useful Baseball America website.

2013 Deadline Trades:

Trade 1 (July 31):

  • Houston Sends: 
    • Bud Norris 
    • International Bonus Slot 4 
  • Baltimore Sends:  
    • OF L.J. Hoes
    • LHP Josh Hader
    • 2014 Supp First Round pick
  • Norris still had two and a half years of control when he was traded by Houston.  In spite of a decent ability to strike people out, Norris' value has always been limited by his inability to keep the baseball inside the park once it has been hit.  The return for him was actually still pretty solid, though.  Hoes is a light hitting 5th OF, but is alright in that role.  Hader, though, is a very solid prospect striking out 29% of the batters he's faced in 2014.  The supplemental first round pick brought back Derek Fisher in this year's draft - a promising college bat.
  • This trade should represent an absolute floor for a Samardzija trade.  Norris had an extra year of control but was not regarded as anything close to the same quality of pitcher. Add a comment


Cubs Draft Strategy

To begin, I must start with a huge caveat - this is all my reasoning of the strategy based on observation of what transpired.  I believe it is mostly correct, but I do not have any sources within the organization that told me this was the way things happened.  It just makes sense to me.

That said, let's begin.

The Cubs came into the 2014 June Amateur draft with the fourth overall pick.  Early in the spring, it looked like that was going to be an enviable position as there seemed to be four elite pitching talents projected to go at the top of the draft.  However, that idea “popped” along with Jeff Hoffman’s elbow ligament.  At the end of the spring the Cubs were faced with a field that had three elite pitching prospects and a group of about fifteen players in the next tier that could be ranked in just about any order.  This caused the Cubs to require a more strategic approach than seemed would be necessary earlier in the spring.

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