Monday, July 28, 2014
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Cubs Draft Strategy

To begin, I must start with a huge caveat - this is all my reasoning of the strategy based on observation of what transpired.  I believe it is mostly correct, but I do not have any sources within the organization that told me this was the way things happened.  It just makes sense to me.

That said, let's begin.

The Cubs came into the 2014 June Amateur draft with the fourth overall pick.  Early in the spring, it looked like that was going to be an enviable position as there seemed to be four elite pitching talents projected to go at the top of the draft.  However, that idea “popped” along with Jeff Hoffman’s elbow ligament.  At the end of the spring the Cubs were faced with a field that had three elite pitching prospects and a group of about fifteen players in the next tier that could be ranked in just about any order.  This caused the Cubs to require a more strategic approach than seemed would be necessary earlier in the spring.

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All about Kyle Schwarber

Here is a smattering of things said about the Cubs pick of Kyle Schwarber today:

A poster here at NSBB posts indiana beat writers opinions

For his career at Indiana, Schwarber had 114 BB, 89 K and 39 HR.  Great plate discipline and power in a pitchers park.

In the MLBTV interview, one of the first things he said was, "I model my game after Joey Votto."  No matter where he plays on the diamond, that's a great thing to hear.

There have been multiple Brian Giles comparisons thrown around based on body, stance, swing, approach and production.

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Cubs take Schwarber at #4 in Draft

The Cubs picked college C/OF Kyle Schwarber in the draft today at the #4 overall pick.  While some may view this as a disappointment, Schwarber was very worthy of the pick.  He was the best bat in the college game this year and perhaps the best overall.  He was downgraded because of defensive questions, but very few question his ability to hit.

Much more detail later, but the Cubs found a hitter who has a great approach at the plate and can hit the ball over the fence.  Whether he sticks at catcher or moves to left field, he should provide another left handed bat in the middle of the order in a few years.

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